30.05.2015 Fast SLAVIC Race Avala, Belgrade SK

Starting fee depending on the date of registration

Individual Team 5+ Team 14+ If you are registered
27€ 10% discount 20% discount Until 30.3.2015
30€ 10% discount 20% discount Until 30.4.2015
33€ 10% discount 20% discount Until 30.5.2015

If you register as soon as possible, you will get a discount on the starting fee as an individual.

Race in the team and help others to complete the race successfully. The top five best times of the team will be recorded and will be counted in the overall assessment of the teams. The more people are in the team, the higher is the discount.

To register as a team you need to have at least 5 members, regardless of gender, and may be composed of men and women.

BEST wave participation in the wave is limited and is an additional cost to the regular prices of 5€.

Parking is for free only in reserved areas.

Insurance is not included in the starting fee and all participants start on their own risk and danger.

Payment is possible by bank transfer with the necessary identification information from registration.

Luggage storage is available for fee 1€.

Discounts are calculated and listed in the table above.

Valuable prizes for the winners of the category BEST wave, PUBLIC wave and teams will be published on the fb page, always before the start of the race.

Registration cannot be changed. It is not possible to change the starting wool. The starting fee is non-refundable.

The entry for spectators is free.

The entry for volunteers is free. If you are interested in participating in the volunteer team, sign up.

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